1978 – 1979 Meetings

Date: September 28, 1978
Title: Map Design for Modern Four-Color Printing
Speaker: John Leverenz, Director of Cartographic Services, Rand McNally & Co.
Location: Fellows’ Lounge, The Newberry Library

Date: November 9, 1978
Title: Preview opening at the Chicago Historical Society of the National Archives Traveling Exhibit, Taking the Measure of the Land
Speaker: Ralph Ehrenberg, Director, Cartographic and Architectural Archives Division, National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D.C.
Location: The Chicago Historical Society, Clark Street & North Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

Date: December 14, 1978
Title: The American Geographical Society Map Collection at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Speaker: William C. Roselle, Director of the Library, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Location: Fellows’ Lounge, The Newberry Library

Last August, after four years of negotiations, the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee acquired the magnificent map and book collection of the American Geographical Society, which includes many rare items that are landmarks in the history of cartography. Mr. Roselle will talk about the AGS collection and the long and difficult process by which it was transferred from New York to Milwaukee.

Date: January 26, 1979
Title: Hungarian Travelers, Explorers, and Maps, 11th – 20th Centuries
Speaker: George Kish, Professor of Geography, University of Michigan
Location: The Bakery Restaurant, 2218 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

This is indeed a special program. George Kish, Professor of Geography at the University of Michigan and an internationally recognized authority on the history of cartography, is a lively and entertaining speaker. (Not incidentally he is also, like Chef Louis, Hungarian.) Maps, books, and prints from the Szathmary collection will be on display. Fine food, convivial company, an outstanding lecturer and a worthy cause will make this evening the highlight of our 1978-1979 season.

Date: February 22, 1979
Title: Members’ Map Night
Speakers: Members of the Chicago Map Society
Location: Fellows’ Lounge, The Newberry Library

This month we will bring back one of our most successful programs of past years, the members’ map night. Each member is invited to bring a map or two from his/her collection to the meeting. There is no competition and no standards of beauty or rarity. Simply put, this is a chance for members to exchange ideas and information and to share their maps and special interests with others. Of course, we want you to come to the meeting even if you do not bring a map.

Date: March 15, 1979
Title: Old Maps and New: Indian Villages
Speaker: Helen Tanner, Project Director, Atlas of Great Lakes Indian History, The Newberry Library
Location: Fellows’ Lounge, The Newberry Library

Date: April 26, 1979
Title: The City of Chicago’s Computer Cartography Program
Speaker: Charles O’Connor, Superintendent, Bureau of Map and Plats, City of Chicago
Location: Fellows’ Lounge, The Newberry Library

Date: May 5, 1979
Title: Look, Read, and Live Happy!—The Work of the 16th-Century Italian Cartographers
Speaker: David Woodward, Director, Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography, The Newberry Library
Title: Map Conservation
Speaker: Paul Banks, Conservator, The Newberry Library
Location: Fellows’ Lounge, The Newberry Library

On Saturday, May 5, the Chicago Map Society will be the official host for a visit to Chicago by members of the Michigan Map Society. A special program at the Newberry Library has been arranged for both Societies in the morning. In addition to the two fine lectures—David Woodward on sixteenth-century Italian cartography and Paul Banks on map conservation—there will be a special exhibit of sixteenth-century Italian maps from the Newberry’s collection, the finest collection of these maps in North America.

This is indeed a rare opportunity to meet some of our fellow cartophiles from Michigan and to share with them an unusually exciting program.

Date: May 24, 1979
Title: Alfred T. Andreas, Chicago Mapmaker
Speaker: Michael Conzen, Professor, Department of Geography, University of Chicago
Location: Fellows’ Lounge, The Newberry Library

This meeting will include the presentation of a gift from the Chicago Map Society to the Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography at the Newberry Library. Lawrence W. Towner, President of the Newberry, and David Woodward, Director of the Smith Center, will participate.