The mission of the Chicago Map Society is educational—that is, to support and encourage the study and preservation of maps and related materials.

Toward this end, we hold monthly meetings at The Newberry, which is located on the near northside of Chicago. Our speakers include curators, antiquarian map dealers, surveyors, historians, and modern digital mappers—many of whom are also members of the Society. Our programs reflect a variety of topics, such as (to mention but a few) the diverse histories of territories and borders; waterway, atlas and transport guides; the medium on which maps are printed and the lettering used on maps; the political messages and propaganda imparted by maps; map collecting and conservation; and maps with subversive, military or religious goals. Nor are technological advances overlooked, and past programs have focused on the use of satellite maps for forecasting weather and climate change, the evolution of constellation maps from antiquity to the present, and mapping from space.

The Chicago Map Society co-publishes Mapline (with the Hermon Dunlap Smith Center), a biannual newsletter devoted to advancing knowledge of the history of cartography with articles of absorbing interest. We have also engaged in our own independent publishing endeavors (such as the books, Chicago Mapmakers and Chicago—Lake Geneva: A 100 Year Road Trip) and we hope to take on future publishing projects. Finally, our educational outreach program provides speakers to outside groups that would like to learn more about maps and cartography.

Of course, it takes time, money, dedication and hard work to fulfill our mission at a standard of professionalism and historical integrity. If the mission of the Chicago Map Society matters to you, please consider making a donation to the Society. Indeed, our mission and perspective might well be yours—that is, to express the historical and global footprint of cartography.

All donations to the Chicago Map Society are tax-deductible and with your approval, will be acknowledged on a page in our annual membership directory.

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