Beginning in 2017, the Chicago Map Society joined the Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography at the Newberry Library in publishing Mapline, a cartographic newsletter that has been published since 1976. Since its first issue, Mapline has been the official publication of the Smith Center and it has been devoted to advancing knowledge of the history of cartography by reporting events, ideas, and issues in the field. In addition to printing short articles reflecting current research in the field, it has functioned as a bulletin to announce recent acquisitions to the cartographic collections at the Newberry Library and has kept readers informed of the Center’s work, publications, and sponsored events. It has also presented brief reports on conferences, exhibitions, and societies and lectures beyond the Newberry.

As a co-production of both organizations, Mapline will continue to fill the role sketched above, but will be supplemented by news, accounts of past meetings, and other information about the Chicago Map Society. It will be published on a biannual basis, with spring and fall issues (and perhaps an occasional special issue). Print copies of the newsletter are distributed to all members of the CMS, and electronic copies are distributed to a wider audience. Past issues co-published by the CMS (starting with Issue 126, Summer 2017) may also be accessed here. A complete archive will soon be available on the Smith Center’s page on The Newberry’s website.

Mapline 126 (Summer 2017)

Mapline 127 (Fall 2017)